The makers of Hormel Natural Choice, a leader in the natural lunchmeat category, have unveiled a brand relaunch through a multi-faceted campaign, including a series of online videos featuring actress Judy Greer as the "voice of reason." The Make the Natural Choice campaign brings to life a dual meaning of the word "natural," with a witty nod to the brand's position as the accessible and obvious lunchmeat choice for wellness-seeking consumers.

The national print and online campaign is running in a range of publications, from parenting and home to health and wellness — reinforcing the belief that 'better for you options' is a universal message. The campaign features bold headlines such as, "Preservatives are for mummies," "Open wide — your mouth, not your pocketbook," and "Preserve your right." Accompanied by the tagline, Make the Natural Choice, these headlines demonstrate the brand's mission of providing consumers with accessible, all-natural, preservative-free lunchmeat.

The campaign is about starting a conversation and creating awareness for a better lunchmeat. To playfully bring this to life the print campaign is supplemented with a series of online videos starring Judy Greer. Greer is featured in offbeat settings where she is the "voice of reason" and sheds light on better options.

"The campaign celebrates our pride in being the preferred, all-natural choice for consumers," said Holly M. Drennan, marketing director of meat products at Hormel Foods. "The commercials and digital advertisements take a light-hearted approach at showcasing the dedication the makers of Hormel Natural Choice have to health-conscious consumers."

True to her popular best friend or sidekick characters as seen on the movie screen, Judy Greer acts as the campaign's "voice of reason," advising others to make the all-natural, preservative-free choice. The video series, which is broken down into three segments, was unveiled on YouTube today. Scenes include:

  • Greer talking about a more natural way to preserve things in the midst of her eccentric aunt's many stuffed pets;
  • Greer appearing unannounced in a delivery room joyfully eating an all-natural lunchmeat sandwich; and
  • Greer serving all natural lunchmeat to her au naturel party guests. 

"Judy's style was the perfect fit because we wanted moms to think of the Natural Choice brand as a girlfriend sharing a good piece of lunchmeat gossip—not like an ad telling her what to do," said Noel Haan, BBDO's Executive Creative Director.

Greer who has a specific interest in helping others make better food choices said, "what excited me about the project was that the scripts didn't feel like commercials. And I had the chance to work with stuffed pets, a household of clothing deprived naturalists, and help deliver a baby."

Coinciding with the campaign, the brand has expanded its product line adding to the diverse portfolio of flavors which includes favorites like Cherrywood Smoked Ham, Sriracha Chicken and Black Peppered Bourbon Ham. The Hormel Natural Choice line offers consumers a variety of 100 percent natural lunchmeat and meat products with no artificial colors or flavors, added nitrites or nitrates. The new logo and packaging offer a visually appealing look while still being authentic and relevant to today's target shopper. The earth-tone color palette and larger product display has been seen as "natural, hip, premium, fresh and simple," by consumers.

Fans can connect with the Hormel Natural Choice brand through their current page on, on Pinterest at on YouTubewhere the videos featuring Judy Greer are available for viewing.

Source: Hormel Foods Corp.