METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce the launch of its MS-TS touchscreen analytical and precision balances. Operable bare-handed or through cotton, rubber or silicone gloves, these daily-use balances provide accuracy, ease-of-use, and traceability. The weighing-in guide helps users dose within the defined tolerances. Built-in applications steer users through weighing tasks to reduce the risk of human-error. In combination with the green/red results screen, which clearly indicates if results meet the process pass/fail criteria, daily tasks are faster and easier while confidence in results is increased. Standard checks and safety features provide added surety.

The MS-TS color TFT touchscreen display measures 7 inches. At 18mm high, the figures are clear for users to read, while the extra-large icons make the balance easy to operate. Standard features like LevelControl (which visually guides users through the leveling process) and automatic internal adjustment means balances are not used under sub-optimal conditions, guaranteeing accuracy. A user-defined minimum weight can also be programmed into the balance to provide an additional safety factor.

MS-TS balances are also robust and easy to clean. Thanks to the full metal housing, the MS-TS precision balances are resistant to harsh chemicals and perfect for tough weighing tasks or regular use on the factory floor. Easy-to-clean surfaces make daily care of the balance effortless as well. METTLER TOLEDO's MonoBloc weighing cell delivers accurate results and fast settling times, while protecting against damage from accidental overload. Versatile connectivity (RS232, USB and USB Host) enables to streamline procedures

With trusted performance and easy operation, MS balances fulfill lean laboratory and manufacturing demands.

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