SugarCreek (booth 814S) is taking its sous vide expertise to new heights this month, flying high as a first-time exhibitor at the International Flight Services Association Annual Conference and Expo in Portland, Ore., Sept. 28-30, 2015.

Fresh off the opening of a new facility in Indiana largely devoted to sous vide, SugarCreek is poised to introduce this cooking technique at a larger scale to broader audiences. Partnering with James Calvetti Meats, SugarCreek will prepare sous vide Lamb Rib Chops Frenched, Lamb Loin Medallions, Beef Tenderloin Medallions and Beef Short Ribs at the IFSA Expo.

“The airline industry is always seeking new ways to better serve their customers, and the IFSA Annual Conference and Expo provides the opportunity for SugarCreek to introduce our large-scale sous vide capabilities as a possible solution for them,” said Michael Richardson, COO for SugarCreek. “We are thrilled to be partnering with James Calvetti Meats to develop and prepare world class sous vide dishes for the IFSA audience.”

SugarCreek’s Cambridge City, Indiana facility (CCI) is 418,000 square feet and features the largest sous vide line in the nation. Sous vide (translated as “under vacuum”) is a staple of European cooking, but has largely been limited to small batch cooking in the United States. With the opening of CCI, SugarCreek will be able to introduce sous vide prepared foods to a much larger and diverse audience, including airlines and other travel industries.

Source: SugarCreek