Restaurant chefs and foodservice professionals know the benefits of sous vide – optimized tenderness and flavor, higher nutritional value, safer preparation and longer shelf life – and now, thanks to SugarCreek, they have the opportunity to add sous vide prepared items to their menus without taking on the extra equipment costs.

SugarCreek (booth #9116) will showcase its sous vide solution at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show 2016, held May 21-24 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

“Restaurants and foodservice operators have been interested in sous vide for a while, but it’s largely been limited to small batch cooking – until now,” said Lance Layman, Vice President, Business Development for SugarCreek. “With our opening of the largest sous vide line in North America, SugarCreek is working with chefs to co-develop new menu items that can be prepared at our facilities and still served fresh in restaurants across the nation and world.”

In 2015, SugarCreek opened a 418,000 square foot facility in Cambridge City, Indiana that includes the sous vide line. Translated as “under vacuum,” sous vide is a staple of European cooking in which the food is prepped, vacuum-packed and then cooked slowly and precisely in a circulated water bath. When the food reaches its optimal internal temperature and desired texture, it is quick-chilled and then refrigerated or frozen until it is ready to be served, either in a restaurant or in a consumer’s home.

In addition to its sous vide capabilities, SugarCreek is also the largest independent processor of bacon in the United States. SugarCreek’s booth at NRA Show will feature the company’s food truck and full capabilities, including fully-cooked bacon, Italian meatballs, sous vide pork and beef tenderloin and sous vide BBQ baby back ribs.

“Sous vide is a tremendous growth opportunity for restaurants and foodservice organizations, but many have been reluctant to embrace it because of a misperception of costs,” Layman said. “We are eager to meet with them at NRA Show and demonstrate how we can work with them in making sous vide an affordable reality for their business.”

Source: SugarCreek