The National Turkey Federation has released to members its comprehensive response manual for Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI), providing an updated resource for NTF members with advice and checklists to help coordinate and respond against future HPAI infection.

“These tools will help NTF members to deal with an HPAI outbreak as well as reassure our key stakeholders that the poultry industry is working decisively and effectively to protect public health and the food supply,” said NTF Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Vice President Lisa Wallenda Picard.

Throughout 57 pages, the updated manual spotlights specific biosecurity recommended by the Turkey Health and Welfare Committee to NTF Animal Welfare Guidelines based on lessons learned from the spring HPAI outbreak, as well as providing direct links to newly available USDA checklists and procedures.

Also today, USDA released its fall planning documents – many incorporated within the NTF response manual. USDA has updated its policies and procedures to ensure more rapid detection and depopulation. NTF is supportive of USDA’s approved emergency methods, as well as clarity around how farmers can seek indemnity payments and resume raising turkeys.

USDA response and policy information included in the NTF manual include:

  • First HPAI Confirmation in a New State
  • Appraisal and Indemnity Procedures
  • Surveillance of Backyard Flocks Around Infected Premises
  • Surveillance Sampling for Commercial Premises in Control Area
  • HPAI Zones and Premises
  • Movement Control
  • Responders Health Alert
  • Testing Requirements for Movement from the Control Area
  • Contact Premises
  • Cleaning & Disinfection Basics: Virus Elimination
  • Control Area Release
  • Timeline, Eligibility, and Approval for Restocking
  • Post Cleaning & Disinfectant Environmental Sampling Guide

Source: NTF