Cozzini PRIMEdge announced that they have acquired the Mimasa company based in Girona, Spain. Terms of the agreement were not released. Mimasa plays a big part in global food safety by manufacturing high quality sanitation equipment for many applications.

Mimasa was owned by the Milla family who tragically lost their Managing Director, Carles Milla, in March. Ivo Cozzini, Owner and CEO of Cozzini PRIMEdge commented “this acquisition is bittersweet because Carles was a very close and dear friend to many of us. The Milla family is very pleased we made the decision to acquire Mimasa and continue his legacy in Girona while remaining a strong part of the Girona community.”

Cozzini PRIMEdge and Mimasa have a strong history together with Cozzini PRIMEdge representing them in the United States and France. Cozzini PRIMEdge plans to expand their representation to more markets.

Mimas will be led by Albert Puxan as General Manager assisted by Maria Angels Parés as Controller. In addition, Mimasa has an established strong team of department managers and workforce to continue its strong growth.

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