With increasing antibiotic regulations and a growing global population, feed utilization was a primary focus at last month’s European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition. Two studies recognized at the annual symposium featured Elanco Animal Health’s Hemicell, the only “energy-sparing” feed enzyme that reduces Feed Induced Immune Response (FIIR) whether used with or without traditional energy-releasing enzyme products.

“Elanco recognizes feed enzymes are vital to the world’s food supply chain and is investing in several segments, including poultry, swine, beef cattle and aquaculture – all of which benefit from better feed-conversion efficiency,” says Patrice LaFargue, D.V.M., Senior Director-Global Enzyme Business at Elanco. “Hemicell is the catalyst for advancing what enzymes can offer producers, consumers and everyone in between.”

Abstracts for both Hemicell studies are available via the European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition website; leading researchers include Ellen van Eerden, Ph.D. and Marco Antonio Martinez-Cummer, Ph.D.

“Advancing existing technology and creating new innovative production practices is the pathway to achieving future food security,” says Marco Antonio Martinez-Cummer, Ph.D., Global Poultry Nutrition Adviser at Elanco. “Many tools, like Hemicell, are already available, safe and proven to help operations fully utilize available nutrients to support animal health.”

Evolving Enzymes

Since acquiring the Hemicell technology in 2012, Elanco has grown its feed enzymes expertise and product offerings. Today Elanco’s enzymes global team has expanded to more than 35 nutrition and operations consultants. Additionally, Elanco is investing two-thirds of its food animal research budget in non-antibiotic development projects that address diseases.

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To learn more about Hemicell, the energy-sparing enzyme, visit elanco.us/products-services/poultry/hemicell.aspx. Product labels vary by country; only use as directed.