Sierra Meat & Seafood is the first seafood producer to ever receive a 100-percent rating on the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) sustainable certification, from an MSC-certifying third-party agency. Sierra Meat & Seafood manufactures and distributes MSC-certified Pacific cod, Dungeness crab, flounder, hake, halibut, salmon, tuna and many more to Northern Nevada and surrounding areas.  

The Marine Stewardship Council is a third-party verification committee designed to ensure that seafood labels read true to what is packaged. This is the first time the organization has awarded a perfect score for sustainability. The MSC blue label identifies that the seafood meets three critical points of the MSC standard: segregation, substitution and truth in labeling.

“We’re extremely proud to be the first to receive such a meaningful recognition of sustainability efforts,“ said Chris Flocchini, chief executive officer of Sierra Meat & Seafood. “We value sustainability and transparency above all, which aligns with the Marine Stewardship Council’s vision of ensuring the ocean’s food supply lasts for generations to come. We work everyday to continue this tradition and go to great lengths to meet the requirements.“

As a leader in sustainable efforts, Sierra Meat & Seafood works to reduce its carbon footprint through sustainable and responsible fishing efforts. Both MSC and Sierra Meat & Seafood seek to promote ocean environments that allow sea life to thrive. MSC aims to recognize and reward sustainable fishing practices, influencing the marketplace choice and positively impacting the seafood economy.

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Source: Sierra Meat & Seafood