The DSI Dual-Blade (DB20) Portioning System released today is the latest addition to JBT’s portfolio of industry leading portioning equipment which already includes the DSI 800 Series waterjet portioning systems and the DSI Adaptive 3D Portioning System.

The new DSI DB20 Portioning System is a low-maintenance blade portioner powered by DSI software and scanning technology. The new portioning system is consistently accurate, simple to clean and easy to operate. It is suitable for a wide range of linear portioning applications, including the portioning of poultry tenders, breast meat and leg meat into strips, nuggets, steaks, shots and kakugiri.

“The system delivers high-capacity linear portioning combined with low maintenance effort,” says Jon Hocker, director of technology for JBT. “Additionally, new DSI BladeSense™ software continuously monitors blade motor feedback and identifies opportunities to improve cutting performance.”

The DSI DB20 system delivers superior scanning with a single, high-performance sensor that continuously self-calibrates while detecting product shape as well as fat vs. lean. The dual-lane system can run a separate application on each lane. Weight-controlled or dimensionally controlled portions, strips or nuggets can also be combined with angled cuts.

DSI Q-LINK Portioning Software, common to all of JBT’s DSI products, delivers sophisticated yield optimization software with an intuitive, large-format touchscreen interface and easy calibration routines. DSI Q-LINK software allows users to change applications at the touch of a button and can be easily configured to notify users when, for example, a blade becomes dull, when yields are not on target or when loading efficiency has decreased. Secure remote support is available via the unique industrial operating system employed by the DSI system.

“The new DB20 Portioning System is built upon 30 years of DSI portioning, software, motion control, service and applications experience. This latest advance in JBT technology means food processing companies have yet another way to improve profitability and achieve the lowest cost per pound of portioned meat product,” says John Strong, DSI business director for JBT.

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