With the GMS 1600 twincut, TVI will be presenting a universal high-performance portioning system at the MULTIVAC trade fair stand (A 020, hall 9.1). The system is characterised by its maximum portion quality, yield and flexibility. The efficient solution guarantees the highest level of product quality at a high throughput in terms of cut, forming and distribution into compartments – and can be seamlessly integrated in a production and packaging line.

The GMS 1600 twincut is suitable for the portioning of both frozen and fresh meat into chunks or slices of varying thicknesses. The processing capability ranges from pork fillets to beef topside and from a one-millimetre thick carpaccio slice to a 300 mm thick sliced roast joint. In addition, meat with bones, such as pork chops or cutlets, can be easily separated into even slices. The maximum product length is 650 millimetres.

Thanks to the patented 3D forming system from TVI, the multifunctional portioning system offers the highest degree of flexibility and precision. Thanks to a multitude of standard modules and customer-specific programs, the GMS 1600 twincut can handle practically any portioning task. Short changeover times increase availability and thus productivity. The twin-track cutting channel ensures that maximum throughput is achieved, as does the capability for simultaneous reloading during the portioning process. With low give-away the highly efficient machine divides, for example, roast beef into 200 gram portions, pork steak weighing 80 grams or goulash with a thickness of 30 millimetres to the exact weights required.

The GMS 1600 twincut, equipped with new control technology, can be automated and offers precise compartment and individual slice storage. The total length of this flexible meat processing system, including discharge conveyor for the separating out of meat trimmings and B-grade goods, is 5.2 metres. The solution can be combined with, for example, a continuous freezer and an automated depositor module and connected to a high-performance MULTIVAC thermoforming packaging machine or traysealer.

 Further information can be found at: www.tvi-gmbh.de or www.multivac.com.