Twelve recipes that draw on the top sources of key nutrients like protein, iron, zinc and B12, were released by the North American Meat Institute today in a new booklet “Power Plates.”  The recipes also were posted on the Institute’s nutrition website In creating the recipes, the Institute commissioned a registered dietitian to analyze the top, commonly consumed food sources of the targeted nutrients and an expert recipe developer to mix and match the nutrient rich ingredients.  The results are delicious, innovative and healthy.

In developing the recipes, the Institute considered a wealth of nutrition information, like the growing evidence about between adequate B12 intake, which is found naturally only in animal products,  and healthy brain development and function throughout the lifetime.  Meat products also are rich sources of the most absorbable form of iron, heme iron, which builds red blood cells, carries oxygen from the lungs to every cell in your body and helps the brain work at its best.  Iron deficiency anemia is the most common nutrition deficiency in the U.S. and is much more common among vegetarians and vegans. Beef and lamb also are some of the richest sources of the immune-boosting zinc and animal products also are rich in complete protein – the kind with all the amino acids needed for good health.    The vitamin, mineral and protein-packed recipes released today by the Institute include:

·         Grand Petite Tender Steak with Mole Sauce and Mashed Sweet Potatoes combines beef, which is packed with all four of the target nutrients, and chocolate, also a rich source of zinc.   In combining these nutrient rich ingredients, the recipe delivers 30 grams of protein, 30 percent of the daily value of iron, 48 percent of the daily value of zinc and 48 percent of the daily value of B12 and just 340 calories.

·         Tofu Steaks With Ma-Po Pork Sauce uses tofu as the centerpiece with pork for flavor and delivers 24 grams of protein, 15 percent of the daily value for iron, 10 percent of the daily value for zinc and 45 percent of the daily value for B12 in just 180 calories per serving. 

·         Lamb Ragout with Butternut Squash and Peas features garlic and thyme with accents of almonds and delivers 26 grams of protein, 15 percent of the daily value of iron, 31 percent of the daily value zinc and 45 percent of the daily value of B12.

·         Wilted Spinach & Farro Salad with Bacon & Sea Scallops gives your body an iron boost by adding heme iron-rich bacon to a spinach salad, thus improving iron absorption from the non-heme spinach, delivering a total of 25 percent of the daily value for iron.  Farro in the recipe delivers six grams of healthy fiber.   

Other Power Plate recipes include Tuscan Clam Stew With Bacon, Pork & Vegetable Lo Mein, Calves Liver Pate Spread,  Chicken and Shrimp Jambalaya, Hearty Ham and Navy Bean Soup, Red Lentil Soup with Turkey Sausage, Mushrooms & Swiss Chard, and Grilled Vegetable and Beef Kabobs.

The booklet also details the top ten commonly consumed sources of B12, iron and zinc to help guide consumers in making their own nutrient-rich creations.

“There are many excellent reasons to make meat and poultry part of a healthy, balanced diet, and the nutrition value only improves when combined with other nutrient dense foods,”  said Meat Institute President and CEO Barry Carpenter. “Our new ‘Power Plate’ recipes are a helpful guide to maximize the nutrition on your plate in a delicious meal that is sure to impress family and friends.”

All of the recipes are available at www.MeatPoultryNutrition.orgor to request a free hard copy, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: PowerPlates, North American Meat Institute, 1150 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 1200, Washington, DC, 20036.

Source: NAMI