Wading through the nearly 90-page Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) to find out what applies and what does not can be a daunting task for busy food processors and manufacturers. That's why the food safety consultants at METTLER TOLEDO have taken the time to create a comprehensive, yet succinct and easy-to-understand white paper called, "Preparing to Meet the Final Requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act." This paper recommends actions that food producers should take now to meet the full requirements of the law. Contents include:

  • Basic provisions of the FSMA and how to comply
  • Requirements that affect food production facilities
  • Important dates to know for compliance
  • Supply chain requirements
  • Label-specific regulations

Download your free copy of our white paper today to learn more about the FSMA. With impending compliance for larger manufacturers set for later this year, time is running out to find out what you need to know. METTLER TOLEDO is here to make the process easier.

Download the Free White Paper