servicebrochure225.gifMETTLER TOLEDO's service portfolio covers the entire product life cycle, from installation and calibration to maintenance and remote services. Within the framework of its professional services, METTLER TOLEDO also helps its retail customers by adapting the weighing technology to their individual needs. This enables retailers to differentiate themselves from their competitors and supports targeted promotional activities. Such adaptations can include tailor-made layouts for the operator screens on scales and conceptualization of digital signage campaigns. Above all, the new brochure provides an overview of all the individual service elements along with attractively priced ready-made service packages. 

"Our market-leading service offering is built entirely around safeguarding the operational uptime of business-critical equipment and helping retailers to optimize their sales processes," says Eric Miller, Global Service Champion at METTLER TOLEDO. "Therefore, our new brochure also shows retailers how they can shorten response times thanks to state-of-the-art remote service solutions. This enables them to utilize the technical capabilities of their scales to the fullest extent."

The brochure includes details about the following topics:

  • Repairs and calibration: A finely meshed network of factory-trained service technicians guarantees rapid on-site repairs. The technicians also take care of timely adjustments and calibration activities to ensure continual compliance with all relevant local regulations.
  • Installation, set-up and training: To get retailers off to a fast and effective start, METTLER TOLEDO can handle the positioning, installation and network integration of all new equipment and provide employee training based around flexible programs.
  • Professional services: METTLER TOLEDO’s industry experts supervise tailor-made projects such as chain-wide roll-outs or upgrades to scale configurations.  
  • Software and remote services: A large proportion of all service calls can be resolved either by phone, e-mail or secure network connection, enabling equipment to get up and running faster. METTLER TOLEDO provides the necessary infrastructure for this purpose and runs service centers where all incoming service requests are evaluated quickly.

 The METTLER TOLEDO Service Competence Brochure is available now, free of charge, and can be downloaded at  

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