Chef's Cut Real Jerky announced a partnership with Boston's off-the-field foodie, David Ortiz. Through the partnership, Ortiz will work hand-in-hand with Chef's Cut to build brand awareness through combining his passion for food with the chef-inspired quality ingredients Chef's Cut brings to the table.

"My swing is the most important thing to me and what I continue to work on, but in order to keep my body performing at its highest level I need to be taking in nothing but the best, all-natural and highest-quality ingredients," said David Ortiz. "That's why I am a big fan of Chef's Cut because the jerky provides big flavors, yet is low-fat, gluten-free, and high in protein to keep me on my A-game."

Ortiz's goal is to stick to an all-natural, healthy diet, while still being able to appreciate the colorful flavors that food and spices create. Chef's Cut Real Jerky offers that balance for Ortiz with a sweet and savory, yet healthy snack. Chef's Cut Real Jerky only uses hand-cut, premium meat combined with simple, real ingredients smoked to perfection. A slow marinating process results in a tender jerky, unique to the category, infused with a robust flavor. Chef's Cut Real Jerky, available in steak, chicken and turkey varieties, is low in fat, gluten-free, and provides 12 grams of protein per serving.

"I put my passion behind my own culinary ventures and knowing I can trust this quality, chef-inspired snack gives me peace of mind in-between meals at home and on the road," added Ortiz.

Considered one of the greatest professional baseball players, Ortiz has always enjoyed cooking and creating mouth-watering flavors. Ortiz is involved in numerous food related ventures including an ownership interest in the popular Boston restaurant Yvonne's and his own food label Big Papi's Kitchen.

Recently, the all-star athlete has been turning his interest to all-natural healthy ingredients and relies on Chef's Cut to provide him with the necessary nutritional ingredients that all athletes need on and off the field.

Chef's Cut Real Jerky is currently available at select local retailers, including Stop & Shop, Shaw's, the Chef's Cut Real Jerky website ( and

Source: Chef’s Cut Real Jerky