Scale build up in process heat exchangers, heating coils, and lines can be a major issue and cause inefficient operation, or if left unattended, can even result in complete replacement of these items. Sioux Corporation has developed a Patent Pending Explosion-Proof Scale Removal System to remove these deposits effectively and safely.

The Sioux Scale Removal System allows users to increase heat exchanger efficiency, reduce downtime due to maintenance, and extend the life of their equipment. The unit includes a circulating pump, explosion-proof motor and enclosure rated for use in Class I, Division 1, Group C & D hazardous locations, 7 gallon poly mixing tank, and 25’ circulation hoses.

The circulation hoses can be connected to the inlet and outlet lines of a heat exchanger or coil and a mixture of water and Sioux Descaler is placed in the mixing tank. The unit then circulates 7 GPM (26.6 LPM) of the descaling solution through the heat exchanger or coil to remove the deposits.

Mike Wiebers, Sioux’s All-Electric Product Manager states, “The Sioux Scale Removal System is an excellent tool for use in cleaning heat exchangers or coils in hazardous location facilities such as offshore production platforms, refineries, or chemical plants. Because of their explosion-proof construction, these units can be operated during normal plant operation to resolve an immediate issue rather than waiting until a plant shutdown and risk more damage or lost efficiency. This versatility will help increase the efficiency immediately and save other costly repairs from being needed.”

The system is mounted on a two wheel cart for portability. Alternate capacities or tank sizes, and non-explosion proof models are available to meet specific customer requirements.

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