Land O’Frost Inc., one of the nation’s leading packaged deli meat companies, today announced its new food truck has officially hit the road and will be making its way to 11 states across the country to deliver samples of the company’s newest products to customers nationwide.

The food truck will serve up samples of Land O’Frost family favorites, including heart-healthy Simply Delicious cold cuts and lower-fat Simply Savory smoked sausages. It will also feature the latest product line from Land O’Frost, Deli Snackers, a low-calorie, protein-packed meat snack that’s available in an assortment of flavors, ranging from traditional favorites to bold and spicy.

“The Land O’Frost food truck is a great opportunity for us to showcase our innovative and quality products that meet the changing needs and lifestyles of our customers,” said Keith Hill, director of brand management for Land O’Frost. “We’re excited to give our customers a chance to taste some free samples and share their feedback with us.” 

Land O’Frost unveiled its new truck to consumers and employees at its headquarters in Munster, Ind. on July 25 and will be making 43 stops nationwide to cities ranging from Hickory, NC all the way to Los Angeles in September, where the truck will dish up sandwiches and hot dogs at the premier of Storks, a new children’s animated movie, as part of a Land O’Frost partnership with Warner Bros. Entertainment.

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Source: Land O’Frost