Now you can get an inside look at the industry's newest and most innovative poultry skinner from Prime Equipment Group: The CSK-2 H-D Simple Skinner.

From its all-new Contour Drive that allows on-the-fly adjustments, to its innovative tool-free sanitation mode, to its impressive M&R advantages, the H-D Simple Skinner is a significant step forward for the best skinner in poultry processing.

"The original Prime Skinner is one of the industry's most successful machines, with more than 800 installations worldwide," says Prime Equipment Group President Joe Gasbarro. "Our R&D and Engineering departments really stepped up to completely re-think, re-design and re-launch the CSK-2, which takes into account all the ideas, feedback and suggestions we've received over the years. The CSK-2 is the next-generation Prime Skinning platform that we believe is destined to become the new industry standard for skinning performance and ease-of-use."

For a complete inside look at the CSK-2 H-D Simple Skinner, visit the all-new mini-website for an interactive tour.

For  information on the new H-D Simple Skinner from Prime Equipment Group, call (614) 253-8590, visit or contact a Prime Equipment Group Regional Sales Manager today.