Cericola Farms Inc., a poultry processor in Bradford, Ontario, has been charged with mislabeling conventional chicken as “certified organic.” Representatives from the company appeared in court this week to address eight charges against the company, including fraud, misrepresentation and false labelling, reports The Globe and Mail.

The charges were the result of an investigation by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. In a statement to The Globe and Mail, Cericola Farms described the charges as “unfounded,” and emphasized the quality of its products, saying that its facilities are routinely inspected by regulators such as the CFIA. “Cericola Farms is committed to full compliance with all Canadian food laws and best practices,” the statement said. “As such, the charges which have been laid by the CFIA will be vigorously defended.”

A spokesperson for the CFIA cited the charges as “part of the ongoing investigation into alleged misrepresentation of organic poultry products.” The agency declined to provide further details, citing the ongoing court process.

Last year, Cericola’s former director of operations, Vashti Dalipsingh, said in 2015 that she witnessed conventional chicken being shipped to retail stores in Canada, labeled as “certified organic” and “antibiotic and animal by-product free” to fill shipments on time. The company called her allegations “frivolous and vexatious,” and she later sued the company for wrongful termination.

Source: The Globe and Mail