WR Reserve, a Hastings, Neb. processor, has shipped the first delivery of U.S. beef to Israel for the first time in 13 years. The company was approved as a source for kosher beef by the Israeli government in February and is currently the only Israeli-approved kosher beef facility in the country, according to ABC News affiliate NTV.

“Nebraska’s world-class beef is officially on its way to Israel for the first time in 13 years. I was proud to work closely with the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, USDA, and our ambassador in Israel to broker this historic agreement. It’s a big win for the Beef State and the people of Israel. Nebraskans feed the world and re-opening this market increases opportunities for our state’s ag producers, communities, and economy,” said Sen. Deb Fischer.

Nebraska Agriculture Director Greg Ibach said that the shipment was worth at least $4.5 million for WR Reserve, and that trade with Israel could mean 100 new jobs for the company.

Source: NTV