As winter’s chills and the holidays near, retailers across the country are partnering with the Certified Angus Beef brand to help consumers prepare delicious roasts. The free Roast Perfect app, available in iTunes and Google Play, helps consumers select a roast, determine the amount of beef to purchase, and prepare it with chef-created recipes and cooking tips.

“Consumers using the Roast Perfect app have information at their fingertips to serve delicious roasts for family meals and special occasions,” says Tracey Erickson, the brand’s vice president of marketing. “It helps our retailers deliver meal ideas that lead customers to their doors for great-tasting beef.”

While the app supports retailers, it also aides the 1 in 4 consumers who have never cooked a beef roast because they believe it takes too long or is too complicated, according to the brand’s research. The study also showed that nearly two-thirds of consumers don’t know which cuts of beef are best for roasting.

“Some people may consider roasting to be a lost art, but it truly allows consumers to bring great flavors and satisfying meals to the table,” says Michael Ollier, the brand’s senior corporate chef. “With just a few ingredients, a bit of planning and simple preparations, they can have a meal in the oven and time to catch up on housework or simply enjoy their family. Beef roasts also make splendid presentations for a holiday or celebratory meal.”

Source: Certified Angus Beef