Offering an added dimension to its popular CamEDGE conveyor belt for cageless spiral systems, Cambridge Engineered Solutions has introduced CamEDGE MORE. The new Cambridge product features the same edge treatment as the original design but includes an interior mesh overlay to accommodate smaller foods and soft poultry and meat parts placed directly on the belt.

“The original CamEDGE belt has large flat wire openings so processors can move larger-sized meat and poultry parts or packaged product along the cageless spiral for cooling or freezing,” said Barry Voshell, Cambridge’s Director of Global Business Development.  “The CamEDGE MORE mesh overlay closes openings so non-packaged raw product and soft parts like chunks, patties and popcorn can rest on the belt as they travel through the spiral.”

The overlay’s metal mesh also reduces product marking but still has sufficient openness for thorough chemical and hot water cleaning, according to Voshell.

With added attention paid to plastic belt contamination issues during some poultry and meat processes, the CamEDGE MORE metal belt is suited for daily sanitation practices necessary to prevent Salmonella, Listeria and other bacteria while being made from materials that are food-safe.

“Some processors use plastic in spirals and the polymer chains in those belts can start to break apart after extended rounds of cleaning, increasing the risk of product contamination,” said Tom Perdue, Cambridge Product Development Engineer.  “CamEDGE MORE is extremely durable, resistant to chemicals and is metal detectable.”

Perdue says cleaning and maintenance is quick and easy since the belt represents 85 percent of the entire cageless spiral system.

“By going cageless, there is no middle structure to clean and no bar caps to maintain,” he said.  “The belt’s edge-driven design eliminates bull chains or tooth segments to maintain, repair or service, and there’s no overdrive to set, adjust or check.”

The CamEDGE and CameEDGE MORE belts are both positively driven and low in tension.  According to Perdue, they utilize a robust, well-supported drive link on the outer edges that reduces component flexing during sprocket engagement. This results in an extended belt life and less chance of component fatigue.

In addition, the stainless steel belt’s hold-down tabs eliminate “Christmas treeing” (lifting) associated with traditional spiral designs, which prevents the possibility of catastrophic failure.

Cageless spiral conveyors using CamEDGE belts decrease a processor’s costs and manufacturing footprint because coils, fans and conditioning systems can be placed in the center of the conveyor if needed.  Poultry and meat products can also enter and exit on the same plane, which eliminates the need for transfer equipment.  In addition, a lower overall amperage draw provides energy and cost savings versus traditional spiral cage systems.

Voshell said initial CamEDGE MORE sales have been brisk and Cambridge has already sold miles of new belting to OEMs. Custom configurations are available including round, oval, in low/out low and in high/out high.

Technical Specifications

  • Widths up to 48” (1219.2mm) excluding drive link extensions
  • Speeds up to 100fpm (30.5mpm)
  • Belt Material: Stainless Steel
  • Belt Drive Link Construction: Asymmetric and Symmetric configurations
  • Turn ratio: 1.6 x belt width
  • Mesh Overlay up to 52 count
  • Belt pitch equal to 1.33” (33.02 mm)

Special construction features and accessories available, including lane dividers and edge guards.

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