West Liberty Foods LLC, an Iowa-based private label manufacturer and foodservice supplier, announced today that the assets to be acquired from Crystal Lake Farms and Free Ranger will operate under the name Liberty Free Range Poultry LLC. The company has hired Gerald Lessard as President of the new subsidiary, with an expected closing date on or before April 28, 2017.

Recently the company announced that it was acquiring the assets of Crystal Lake Farms and Free Ranger including both the breeding stock and processing plant assets to allow West Liberty Foods to produce free range, slow growth chickens.

As President, Gerald Lessard will oversee the free range breeding, growing, and processing operation. Previously, Gerald was the Chief Operating Officer at West Liberty Foods from 2004-2016, with his most recent role as Chief Operations Officer at Salm Partners, LLC in Denmark, WI. “We are pleased to have Gerald back as President of Liberty Free Range Poultry LLC,” says Ed Garrett, CEO for West Liberty Foods. “Gerald brings over 28 years of knowledge and expertise in the poultry industry and will be an asset to the success of our new business.”

Source: West Liberty Foods LLC