Chefs and retailers can now source bacon made with premium beef and having no added nitrates and nitrites. Certified Angus Beef brand Schmacon delivers smoky, sweet, beefy flavor, and crisps fast for a flavorful and satisfying fit for today’s food trends.

“This beef bacon really hits the mark on quality, flavor, texture and crispness,” says Howard Bender, creator of Schmacon. “Hands down, Certified Angus Beef brand Schmacon belongs on breakfast menus and excels any time of day.”

These hearty strips of beef start with carefully trimmed, whole-muscle Certified Angus Beef brand cuts. Ten exacting standards ensure the brand’s outstanding flavor and are the foundation of the beef bacon’s signature quality.

“The Certified Angus Beef brand was simply the ultimate match for delivering exceptional quality and flavor,” Bender adds. “Working with the chefs and beef experts with the brand, we’ve created an exclusive flavor profile with our unique process.”

Bender’s chef-inspired spices impart boldly sweet and smoky flavors through a patent-pending proprietary formulation and process that results in exceptional crisping and curling. The product is gluten free, contains no fillers and has no added nitrites or nitrates, except those naturally occurring in sea salt and celery powder. The product is also certified Halal, making it appealing to people who do not eat pork, those who love bacon and beef, adventurous eaters and creative cooks.

“There is a growing market for new proteins for breakfast, lunch and dinner applications,” says Chef Peter Rosenberg, corporate chef for the Certified Angus Beef brand. “This smoky, mildly salty and slightly sweet beef is very appealing. This grass-roots company spent more than four years getting it just right. The texture is distinctly different and makes a great alternative to regular pork bacon.”

Chef Rosenberg adds that Certified Angus Beef brand Schmacon is perfect as an ingredient in a menu item, such as beef bacon lardons or diced beef bacon carbonara-style with angel hair pasta and creamy cracked black peppercorn sauce.

Schmacon’s smoky, sweet and beefy deliciousness inspires creative uses for at-home meals, too, lending itself to countless applications for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A 12-oz. package retails for about $6.00.

Source: Certified Angus Beef