Lower Foods, in Richmond, Utah, continues to lead the market with products offering straightforward ingredients that consumers appreciate. The company’s new Certified Angus Beef brand Natural deli meats pair the brand’s all-natural cuts with Lower Foods’ old-world workmanship and allergen-free processing. The result is a line of deli meats that deliver real beef flavor, texture and appearance.

“Customers are looking for clean label options,” says Alan Lower, the company’s president. “These products answer all their needs: allergen-free and natural seasonings with the known quality and consistency that Certified Angus Beef brand Natural provides.”

Lower Foods starts with whole-muscle Certified Angus Beef brand Natural cuts meeting 10 exacting standards to ensure outstanding flavor, tenderness and juiciness. This beef is from cattle raised with stringent “never, never, never” standards. Cattle are traceable to their ranch of birth, never given antibiotics, never given additional hormones and never fed anything but a 100-percent vegetarian diet.

Then, Lower’s team prepares each cut with old-world workmanship and cooking methods in allergen-free facilities. The products are free from MSG, allergens, glutens, binders, fillers and added water. The company uses natural seasonings and requires reduced or low sodium. The plant is federally inspected and GFSI certified. Raw, cooked and slicing operations are separated to bring modern assurances to food safety.

The Certified Angus Beef brand Natural deli meats from Lower Foods include top round roast beef, top round Italian roast beef, open-roasted, uncured corned beef, hardwood-smoked, uncured pastrami, hardwood- smoked  tri-tip and hardwood-smoked brisket. With Lower’s dedication to customer satisfaction, retailers and chefs also appreciate no waste, maximum yields and labor savings.

For more information, visit llranch.com.