Chisesi Brothers, in partnership with Tony Chachere’s, is giving customers two new bold flavors for customers to choose from with the debut of their Chisesi’s Cajun Ham and Cajun Roast Beef, seasoned with Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning.

With over 100 years as the premier New Orleans southern-style deli meat producer, Chisesi Brothers took great care to assure the product was a genuine Cajun product.

“We take our time to make sure that we are releasing a quality product that will be enjoyed for generations to come,” says Nicholas Chisesi, a member of the family that owns and operates the New Orleans institution. “When we think ‘Cajun,’ we think ‘Tony Chachere’s,’ and we knew that we had to work with them to get the flavor and value that makes Chisesi a household name.” Thus, the Chisesi’s Cajun Ham and Cajun Roast Beef were born!

Chisesi Brothers infuses spices to the meats prior to the smoking process, which sets Chisesi’s Cajun Ham and Cajun Roast Beef apart from other Cajun-spiced meats. Additionally, the company produces the only Cajun deli meats on the market to receive the Louisiana Certified Cajun accreditation, solely given to foods that are authentically made in Louisiana.

"When the opportunity arose to work with Chisesi Brothers, a fellow beloved Louisiana family brand, we saw it as a natural fit," said Celeste Chachere, Marketing Director for Tony Chachere’s. “And it doesn't hurt that the taste of these new items is second to none!”

Chisesi Brothers is a family-owned business, operated by 4th and 5th generation Chisesis. From humble beginnings selling live chickens at the New Orleans French Market, to becoming an iconic deli meat brand in the Southeast region, Chisesi Brothers provides quality products with an unforgettable taste. Their traditional VIP Ham has a devoted following and the company is proud that it remains the same great product enjoyed by generations.

These products can be found locally in Louisiana alongside Chisesi’s well-known traditional items. Food stores in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida now carry the bold new flavors of the Chisesi Cajun Ham and Cajun Roast Beef. The VIP Ham and Traditional Roast Beef are also available in these markets.

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Source: Chisesi Bros.