Praxair, Inc. announced today that its ColdFront ultra performance flighted freezer – designed to help customers produce individually quick frozen (IQF) products – will be on display at the FPSA Process Expo. By gently tumbling food pieces during freezing, Praxair’s flighted freezer prevents individual pieces from sticking together while providing maximum exposure to the cryogen for quick and thorough freezing. In addition, Praxair’s latest developments in carbon dioxide snow production for bulk bin and spot cooling will be featured.

Praxair is an FPSA allied member and works with food processing companies to provide effective and cost-efficient methods to utilize liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide to rapidly freeze or chill food products to the desired target temperatures. Process Expo will be held in Chicago’s McCormick Place North Hall, September 19-22, 2017. Praxair will be on hand in booth 2067 to discuss how cryogenic gas technology has helped customers lower their production costs and improve overall product quality.

“The Process Expo show floor offers visitors a look at many of the latest advances in food processing and production,” said Chris Johnson, Praxair business development director. “Praxair’s food cooling and freezing systems are designed for rapid and efficient heat removal to help processors benefit from high quality individually quick frozen products produced within a small footprint.”

During the show hours, Praxair’s guest chef will conduct live demonstrations using nitrogen and carbon dioxide (dry ice) with customized menu formations replicating fast heat removal scenarios throughout the production line. Product samples will be served at the end of each demonstration.

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