Food Safety Net Services (FSNS), a leader in the microbial,  chemical testing and auditing of food and nutraceutical products for the food safety industry, announced the opening of its newest laboratory in Omaha, Nebraska. FSNS’s Omaha location will offer microbial testing, chemical testing, and education and training services.

The new location is an expansion of FSNS services for our customers in the north central region of the United States. “We are excited to open our newest lab in the middle of the United States,” says John Bellinger, FSNS CEO. “Grizelda Trevino serves as our Omaha lab manager. She is an excellent leader and has built a talented, customer service focused team to support our customers.” FSNS will retain 45 jobs in the Omaha market with plans to add more in the coming years.

For more information on the FSNS Omaha laboratory, contact the lab at 402-970-0280, 5030 F Street, Omaha, NE 68117, or