In this video series, The National Provisioner editor-in-chief Andy Hanacek discusses trends in the industry with Jorge Izquierdo of PMMI. This episode discusses the advances in packaging and how it is driven by consumer trends.

Andy Hanacek: Hi again everybody, and thanks for joining us for this episode of this Q&A series with Jorge Izquierdo. Thank you, Jorge, for joining me again.

Jorge Izquierdo: Thank you for having me.

Hanacek: Anytime! You always share great insights, and I love talking to you too. Let’s share some of those insights. Packaging innovation at the fresh meat and poultry case, specifically at the retail supermarket level. What is the industry on the verge of developing, or in the process of developing now that’s really revolutionary that you are seeing?

Izquierdo: I wouldn’t necessarily say revolutionary, but certainly it is catching more speed on the process. Moving more to flexible [packaging] for several reasons. Sustainability is one of those. There’s people concerned with the environment, and sometimes they look at those trays with the meat wrapped. When you are done cooking, it seems like a lot of packaging material, so moving to flexible packaging makes sense for them. Other reasons include that you have the ability to extend the shelf life of the product and to keep the freshness. Also you have the ability with the right materials to take advantage of the transparency. You are able to look at the product. Not just look at the top, but also the side. You can judge in a better way the quality of the product. Sometimes the amount of fat from how it looks. How fresh it looks. There are different technologies that allow you to look fresher and maintain it fresher for longer periods of time.

Hanacek: So that kind of that full visibility trend, the 360 degree trend is still very strong from what you are seeing?

Izquierdo: It’s still very strong, and I think there is a reason for that. More and more consumers are concerned about their health and wellness. When you go to buy meat at the supermarket, maybe you stop at some shelves and say, “this hamburger looks great!” But then you say, “I don’t know about the cholesterol.” And they go to the next one. You look at the chicken and at the turkey and the many options. Being able to look at the quality of the food, making sure it is healthy and you feel comfortable consuming it is quite important for consumers.  

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