ProSticks, the latest creation from Expresco Foods, has announced its continued expanded distribution into convenience stores across Canada. Now, 7-Eleven stores will carry these portable chicken skewers with dipping sauce and redefine convenient protein snacking. Beginning this November, busy shoppers will be provided this grilled to perfection, grab-and-go product, packed with 21 grams of protein for their convenience. Giving consumers a taste of a brand not previously offered at 7-Eleven, shoppers will now be to able to try ProSticks’ variety of chicken skewers at an SRP of $2.99 for each 115 g package.

“It’s exciting to begin each new partnership,” shared Michael Delli Colli, Marketing Manager at Expresco Foods. “7-Eleven is a leader in the convenience market world, and we know our products are in good hands. High-protein convenience store shoppers are actively looking for ways to bring functionality to their on-the-go snacks, and with 21 grams of protein, ProSticks are the perfect way to do so. Nothing else quite comes close.”

Source: Expresco Foods