A lawsuit filed in Kansas City claims that a car accident that caused extensive injuries was caused by the driver’s decision to eat hot beef jerky. Steven Sheldon filed suit against Christopher Redman, seeking an unspecified amount in damages over an accident that occurred in 2017, reports the Kansas City Star.

Sheldon was the passenger in a car driven by Redman. The suit claims that Redman, who had a history of severe acid reflux, was eating hot beef jerky while driving. He had such a severe reaction to the jerky that he passed out, losing control of the vehicle. Sheldon suffered a traumatic brain injury in the resulting accident as well as multiple broken bones.

"The defendant knew or reasonably should have known that eating certain foods would aggravate his acid reflux disease and cause him to aspirate or become disoriented to such an extent that he would be unable to safely and competently drive," the lawsuit alleges.

Source: Kansas City Star