Cheney Brothers Inc., Grand Western Steaks, and Bo Jackson’s 34 Beef have launched a triple-play partnership to bring USDA-grade prime, choice, and select cuts of beef and fresh burgers to the southeastern U.S., including baseball cut, filet, tenderloin, ribeye, and any cut required by the foodservice and consumer markets. From out back barbeques, steakhouses, boating and yacht parties, from Florida to North Carolina, Cheney Brothers will be the primary distributor of Bo Jackson’s 34 Beef. Grand Western Steaks completes the collaboration, bringing fifty years’ experience cutting and producing the highest quality of a variety of steaks to discerning customers.

“Grand Western Steaks, Cheney Brothers and Bo Jackson Signature Foods share a passion for making sure the customer's need is the highest priority, so the collaboration was a natural fit for us and we are excited that we found partners that are ideally suited to help us expand my line of steaks under my private label, Bo Jackson’s 34 Beef,” commented Vincent "Bo" Jackson, the CEO of VEJ Holdings, LLC.  He further stated: "I am thrilled to partner with Grand Western Steaks and have them cut and produce my line of steaks and to have Cheney Brothers as our primary distributor in the Southeast. 

Bryon Russell, the Chairman and CEO of Cheney Brothers, Inc., said it best, “Never content to rest on our laurels, we strive to continuously improve and innovate our products and services, and this is 100% apparent during all of our planning meetings with the Grand Western Steaks and Cheney Brothers teams.  In order to have a solid game plan, you must have a championship caliber team.  The collaboration between the three companies proves that we are in this to win and I have great trust in this cooperation and look forward to our future success together with great excitement.”

In addition to protein, high quality beef provides ten essential nutrients and is part of a healthy diet for anyone seeking fitness and healthy weight, as well as dining enjoyment. The superior excellence of Grand Western steaks, combined with the distribution expertise of Cheney Brothers and the champion brand power of Bo Jackson Signature Foods, will boost the value-added availability of steaks, and burgers to restaurants, backyards, marinas, boats, and yachts all along the southeast coast of the United States.

Bo Jackson, an all-star multi-sport professional and Heisman Trophy winner, recently announced he will team up this year in 2018 with WFC (World Food Championships). At this year’s WFC’s Final Table, Bo’s Burgers will be integrated as the sponsored burger line for WFC 2018. ( Collaboration and teamwork are proving to be successful for Jackson both on the playing field, and in branded ventures and philanthropy.

Source: Cheney Brothers