Pilgrim’s is announcing that Just BARE chicken, its brand committed to providing good food for more people, is teaming up with USA Cycling to extend its commitment and mission beyond the dinner table.

Just BARE is proud to sponsor USA Cycling in its mission to foster a shared commitment to safety, integrity, and the joy of cycling. We are inspired by individuals and organizations who selflessly champion causes and self-improvement with passion and perseverance.   Nutrition plays an important role in an athlete’s routine, and Just BARE chicken provides the low-fat, high-protein nutrition necessary to maintain a balanced diet and improve human health, leading to optimum performance. 

Our natural and organic boneless skinless chicken breasts are one of the richest sources of complete protein for athletes. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, each 3-ounce cooked portion packs about 27 grams of protein as well as the essential amino acids our bodies require each day, making it a go-to protein source for cyclists of all levels.

Goodness is what you feel after a long bike ride. It's what drives you to seek out and create healthy food. That's why we're committed to delivering more goodness to more people, at the highest level possible. “Just BARE is excited to partner with USA Cycling,” said Laston Charriez, Chief Marketing Officer, Pilgrim’s. “We love that our Team Just BARE athletes exude goodness on and off the road. Like them, we are committed to a lifestyle grounded in health, wellness and integrity. Just BARE is proud to fuel the USA Cycling National Team as they pave the way to being the best.”

“Just BARE is a natural fit for our sport,” said Fuad Hamza, USA Cycling’s Chief Marketing and Sales Officer. “Chicken is a go-to protein source that many of our athletes consume regularly and serves as a foundational nutritional pillar helping them achieve their best. We are thrilled to welcome Team Just BARE to the USA Cycling family.”

To learn more about Just BARE, visit justbarechicken.com or find the company on social media via @JustBAREChicken. You can also check out usacycling.org to learn more about how the USA Cycling team is preparing for Tokyo.

Source: Just BARE Chicken