Excalibur Seasoning, a premier meat & seafood seasoning company supplying grocers, meat processors, market owners and protein departments nationwide, is releasing four international blends with ethnic influence: Harissa, Piri Piri, Gochujang and Szechwan.

“The tastes of North Africa, Portugal and the Far East are trends leading the meat industry today,” says Jay Hall, president of Research & Development, Excalibur Seasoning. “Our culinary experts are involved in a continuous process of researching flavors and raw materials to determine what best complements proteins like fresh and smoked sausage, gourmet patties, meatloaf, poultry, seafood and more.”

Excalibur’s Harissa blend sausage seasoning draws its influence from a spice in North Africa that’s a staple ingredient in a variety of dishes in the Middle East. With notes of chile, coriander and cumin, Harissa is a signature flavor for stews and soups, couscous, goat and lamb.

The Portuguese Piri Piri sausage seasoning blends a bit of spice and fire to enhance proteins, and pairs especially well with chicken. The seasoning’s origins in Portugal start with piri piri, a chile-based sauce containing citrus peel, onion, garlic, paprika, pimiento and tarragon.

The Gochujang sausage seasoning combination of chili peppers, sticky rice, fermented soybeans and salt yields a truly unique flavor. While sweet to the palate, be prepared for a definite lingering heat.

Known for intense spiciness and bold flavor, the Szechwan style sausage blend includes garlic and chili peppers, with mild to medium heat. It is best paired with meats such as beef and pork.

All four of the international flavors will be released at the 2018 American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP) Convention in Kansas City, Missouri, July 19 – 21. Samples will be available at the Excalibur booth, number 511.

For more information, visit www.excaliburseasoning.com.