Abeles & Heymann (A&H), makers of award-winning premium glatt kosher hot dogs, will be an official sponsor of the U.S. Embassy in Israel's Independence Day Celebration. The event is hosted by the U.S. Ambassador to Israel, David M. Friedman, and will take place on July 3rd with some 2,800 distinguished guests including government officials, community partners, and business leaders, who will be invited to enjoy kosher A&H Hot Dogs on buns along with A&H mustard served from the dedicated A&H booth at the event.

A&H joins an impressive list of other donors and sponsors, including Coca-Cola, Jack Daniel's, Boeing, Estee Lauder, Blue Moon, American Airlines, Sheraton, The Ritz –Carlton, Pfizer, Lockheed Martin, United Airlines, Colgate and Oracle.

A&H will have a supersize digital logo on Digital Screens throughout the Embassy Hall. The event coincides with the debut of A&H Kosher Hot dogs to the Israeli population, which has long been craving these famous hot dogs. Seth Leavitt, CEO of Abeles & Heymann as well as Micha Rakaby, CEO of Yechiam, A&H Israeli sister company, will be in attendance.

"A&H is honored to be the official sponsor of kosher hot dogs to the US Embassy's 242nd Independence Day Celebration held in Israel," says Seth Leavitt, CEO of Abeles & Heymann. "As we begin our launch of A&H Hot Dogs in Israel, we are excited to meet the needs of those who have made Aliyah as well as those who are in Israel and appreciate quality kosher beef hot dogs. No kosher hot dog is more delicious than an A&H kosher hot dog in a bun, covered with mustard. We know Israelis will love our products as much as we love and support Israel and the United States. What says America and July 4th better than hot dogs? What builds relationships better than the exchange of cultural foods? We feel we are doing our small part to further strengthen the bond of an already close relationship through the introduction of a quality kosher hot dog to a country that is so incredibly innovative and advanced in so many fields from technology, pharma, water conservation, a country that is always creating and building, yet lacks for a delicious all beef kosher hot dog."

The complete line of products has been made using old world recipes to ensure the superb taste and quality the company has been known for since 1954. A&H Kosher Hot Dogs are 100% beef, Gluten-free, and have no fillers, are available in regular, uncured, as well as low sodium and reduced fat options.

Source: Abeles & Heymann