Tyson Foodservice has announced the release of several new products: Waffle Breaded Chicken Fries, BONICI Jalapeño Pepperoni and Jimmy Dean Stuffed Hash Browns.

Tyson Waffle Breaded Chicken Fries combine the sweet taste of waffles with the juicy tenderness of chicken for a menu innovation that works overtime as an appetizer, grab & go snack or as part of a kid’s meal.

  • Satisfies patrons craving for “new and different,” with 2/3 of consumers surveyed would purchase if available
  • 79 percent of consumers surveyed liked its taste and crispy texture
  • Great as an appetizer, on-the-go snack or as part of a kid’s meal

Tyson Waffle Breaded Chicken Fries works across all dayparts, performing great out of the oven or fryer with super-fast prep time.

  • 85% of consumers say it could be eaten any time of the day
  • Offers consistent sizing, which keeps portions under control and ensures healthy profit margins
  • For breakfast, it introduces a protein component, and for lunch and dinner, it brings a hint of sweetness wrapped in a crisp breading that customers crave
  • Extreme speed to plate—1.5 to 2-minute fry time, 5-6-minute oven time


BONICI Jalapeño Pepperoni features all the goodness of our original pepperoni dialed up with the intensity of real jalapeño pieces

  • Spicy is a top trend for pizza, with spicy pizza growing 15 percent on menus over the last four years1
  • With visible jalapeño pepper particulates, this new addition to the BONICI pepperoni portfolio brings just the right amount of heat and offers customers both a jalapeño start and a habanero finish
  • Made with high-quality ingredients that result in less charring, cupping and greasing, BONICI Jalapeño Pepperoni has the quality operators expect from the BONICI brand
  • Whether served as a Limited Time Offer, seasonal or everyday menu item, BONICI Jalapeño Pepperoni is a mouthwatering addition to traditional pizzas, sandwiches, appetizers and more.


From the #1 brand of breakfast sausage and sandwiches comes Jimmy Dean Stuffed Hash Browns: a warm and crispy, real-potato hash brown stuffed with delicious breakfast ingredients

  • Perfect as a full breakfast meal or snack, Jimmy Dean Stuffed Hash Browns are a convenient, grab-and-go option for all-day consumption and sales
  • The 3.75 oz. hash browns can be cooked from frozen or thawed using a convection oven, deep fryer, impinger oven or TurboChef Encore and can hold in a warmer for up to four hours with appetizing visual appeal
  • Packaged in pre-printed, grease-resistant sleeves with a see-through window in every case, Jimmy Dean Stuffed Hash Browns allow retailers to spend less time prepping and more time serving customers

Stuffed with high-quality, customer-favorite breakfast ingredients, Jimmy Dean Stuffed Hash Browns are available in three flavors to satisfy a range of tastes

  • Jimmy Dean Ham & Cheese Stuffed Hash Browns
  • Jimmy Dean Sausage & Gravy Stuffed Hash Browns
  • Jimmy Dean Egg, Cheese & Veggie Stuffed Hash Browns

Source: Tyson Foods