Pocino Foods has announced the launch of its new specialty line, Hana-Zen, which includes handcrafted Chashu Pork Belly, in addition to Japanese Meatballs. Available now for foodservice, these precooked meats are authentic, tender, full of flavor and ready to use in many different recipes.

Handcrafted from only premium pork bellies, Hana-Zen Chashu is hand-rolled to a perfectly round diameter and slow-cooked to ensure tender and flavorful meat. There are many options available from whole to sliced, in various sauces, and package sizes to meet whatever need customers may have.

“We produce meats that are made from the heart for all to enjoy,” expresses Pocino President and CEO Jason Katsuki. “Our specialty meats are handcrafted by our staff just like they would make it for their own family. We want to share our special traditional recipes for all to enjoy, and our new Japanese meats are simply the best.”

In addition to Chashu, Japanese Ginger and Green Onion Meatballs are available in half and one ounce sizes which can be used in many applications such as in rice bowls, soup or appetizers. These juicy and tender meatballs are made from Pork and Beef and come frozen to ensure ease of use for the foodservice and further manufacturing industries.

Source: Pocino Foods