Pacific Gem Barbeque Seasoned PorkPocino Foods Co. has introduced a classic Chinese favorite, Pacific Gem Barbeque Seasoned Pork. Commonly known as "Char Sui" Pork in restaurants and fast-food outlets, this gem can be sliced or diced and consumed as is, or is excellent with a dash of hot mustard. It also can be sliced and added to rice bowls, diced into stir-fry vegetables or fried rice, or used in homemade Banh Mi sandwiches. Premium cuts of pork shoulder are marinated in Pocino Foods' authentic hoisin-based char sui sauce and slow-cooked. Pacific Gem Barbeque Seasoned Pork will soon be appearing in grocery and clubstores throughout the western U.S. and is available in 12 oz., 24 oz., and 3 lb. packages