MULTIVAC is displaying its X-Line Thermoform Packaging Machine, along with a variety of packaging equipment aimed at the food packaging industries, in booth S-2514 at PACK EXPO 2018, Oct. 14-17 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

X-Line High-Speed Thermoform Packaging Machine
The MULTIVAC X-Line offers maximum packaging reliability, even more consistent pack quality and a higher level of process speed, as well as operation that is easier and more reliable than ever before. Thanks to seamless digitalization, a comprehensive sensor system and networking with the MULTIVAC Cloud and Smart Services, the X-line redefines thermoform packaging and sets new standards in the market.

The X-Line comes with many features, including the ability to change package configurations in less than 10 minutes. Additionally, the X-Line’s connection to the MULTIVAC Cloud gives users access to Pack Pilot and Smart Services. These provide a constant connection and up-to-date information on software, film availability, machine settings and other pertinent data that enable the machine to be used even without special operator knowledge.

The X-Line comes with X-MAP, a gas flushing process that can be precisely controlled for packing with modified atmosphere. Finally, users can operate the X-Line through its intuitive HMI 3 multi-touch interface that corresponds to the operating logic of today’s mobile devices. The HMI 3 can be set up for individual operators, including different access rights and operating languages.

T 600 Traysealer and the L 310 Full-Wrap Labeller
The T 600 Traysealer is a fully automatic unit in the medium-output range for packing food, healthcare, lifestyle, consumer and industrial items. The T 600 is MULTIVAC’s smallest traysealer, making it ideal for line integration when space is tight. With an output of 15 cycles per minute, the T 600 is the perfect solution for small to medium-sized food producers and packers who require a compact machine, but also a solution which can be fully integrated.   

When it’s time to apply labels, the 310 Full-Wrap Labeller can do the job…and fast. A fully-automatic unit, the 310 Full-Wrap Labeller can run self-adhesive label backing strip width of up to 500 mm. Known for very high speed and precision application, the 310 Full-Wrap Labeller can be integrated into the machine control of a packaging machine, and the label dispenser can be adjusted in height from the front of the unit.

Customizable R 145 Thermoformer
The R 145 Thermoformer is a flexible thermoform packaging machine in the medium output range that can be freely configured. It makes customized pack design possible and offers a large number of equipment options, enabling a packaging solution to be designed perfectly to specific requirements.

Hygienic H 054 Robot
Working in conjunction with the R 145 is the H 054 Robot, a fully integrated hygienic robot. Saving space is a key benefit of the H 054 as it’s built directly into the frame of the R 145, greatly reducing the footprint by up to 5 feet for loading, unloading and converging of packages.

Another key benefit is the reduced effort required for format changes. While other converging methods require mechanical changes to switch formats, the H 054 robot needs only a quick change of the pick assembly or an end of arm tool change.

To see how all of these solutions can help your food packaging applications, make plans to visit MULTIVAC in booth S-2514 at PACK EXPO 2018.

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