At the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE), February 12-14 in Atlanta, Festo displays pneumatic valves, cylinders, and air-preparation systems that meet Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) good manufacturing practices for safely handling, manufacturing, and packing food. Festo also demonstrates the world’s first intelligent pneumatic system – the Motion Terminal. (Booth # B3654)  

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) benefit from global support of more than 2,000 standard items in its product catalog, many of which are rated hygienic and suitable for harsh washdown environments. Festo field sales engineers help OEMs select the right products for food-safe processing and packaging machines and consult on subassemblies and panel building opportunities for bringing those machines to market faster and at less cost.

For poultry, red meat, pork, and seafood processors, Festo field sales engineers consult to ensure the proper products are utilized for the application. Utilization of a core group of components lowers inventory requirements, improves machine operation through the latest technology, and ensures compliance to FSMA standards.

Featured components at the Festo booth include the MPA-C valve terminal. This valve terminal is rated IP69K and can be mounted directly on a machine – no cabinet required. Festo demonstrates the MPA-C in operation while continuously immersed in water. The stainless steel CRDSNU cylinder offers efficient cleaning – fast, easy, and thorough. With no cushioning adjustment required, this round pneumatic cylinder reduces installation time. The CRDSNU cylinder’s FDA compliant NSF-H1 lubricating grease and dry-run wiper seals make it ideal for hygienic production in aggressive environments.

For ensuring that clean air is utilized on a machine, Festo offers pre-configured MS-Series compressed air preparation units. Filtration is available for 99.9999% efficiency and air qualities of 1:4:2 or better can be achieved in accordance to the ISO 8573-1:2010 standard. Clean-design fittings and a range of tubing types – rated for hygienic operations and harsh environments – are also standard products in the Festo catalog.

As an Industry 4.0 solution, a single Motion Terminal, is capable of replacing 50 different components through the download of various combinations of apps. Festo developed the Motion Terminal to seamlessly integrate computational algorithms and physical components. This new cyber-physical system enables scalability and cloud-based predictive analytics.

Festo invites OEMs and processors at IPPE 2019 to stop by its Booth # B3654 for demonstrations and consultations on hygienic and washdown pneumatic products for faster time to market and improved operations.