ProSpection Solutions announces the rollout of 2 new grinder sizes. The Eliminator has been called “The most exciting improvement in meat grinding in 30 years” by customers and industry leaders. “The Eliminator” grinder benefits the entire meat industry with improved product quality, reduced recalls and increased food safety.    Now available in 4K, 10K and 20K pounds per hour output.

ProSpection Solutions LLC is distributing revolutionary grinders from Germany which utilize a new cutting system to eliminate foreign material during the grind process.  “The Eliminator” removes bone, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, lymph nodes, blood clots, wood, hard and soft plastic, and metals. – STOP FM RECALLS!

Product quality is programmable to meet customer expectations. Rather than using knives or die plates, meat is extruded through a newly patented separation system. Temperature increase is significantly less than traditional grinding.

The Eliminator can be used to grind any type of meat, including beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb and fish.

Whole muscle to final grind in one machine.

  • S2000 - 4,000 pounds/hour
  • S5000 - 10,000 pounds/hour
  • S10000 – 20,000 pounds/hour
  • Cleaning Time is Cut in Half
  • No Daily Maintenance Required

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