CERTUS, innovators in rapid pathogen detection, announces the release of Empower environmental monitoring software, an intuitive platform providing food producers a cost-effective solution with value-added quality management features. At no additional or ongoing costs, Empower combines a complete pathogen test workflow with a comprehensive facility management system, allowing producers to improve food safety and build customer trust by efficiently planning, testing, remediating, and tracking results within their production plants.

“Empower addresses two traditional barriers food producers face when investing in a facility management software: ease of use and cost,” said CERTUS president, John Coomes. “Today, smartphone simplicity is the standard and that was the driving force when we designed Empower.  The CERTUS mission is to put smart pathogen environmental control at your fingertips with no additional cost or subscription fees.”

Providing robust facility management features to food producers of all sizes, Empower levels the playing field when it comes to environmental monitoring, while building trust with customers who expect the latest technology in food safety.

As an integral component of CERTUS’s in-house pathogen detection system, Empower software is installed on the Control Pad (9.7” iPad) that is a vital complementary component of the CERTUS System. The software guides technicians through daily testing protocol, including sample locations and step-by-step workflow directions.  While sensitive customer data is securely stored in the CERTUS Detection Unit, Empower communicates wirelessly with the Detection Unit to initiate tests, monitor progress, record results, and alert stakeholders instantly with text and email messages.

Empower integrates a producer’s schedule with a unique facility map for complete visibility by production staff directing when and where to perform the day’s environmental monitoring sampling. The software tracks testing records and corrective actions while providing easy-to-create custom reports for internal, client, and regulatory audits. Empower’s real-time and comprehensive quality management features give stakeholders insight into problem areas that may require proactive correction.

The release of Empower builds on the company’s cornerstone CERTUS System which achieved AOAC Performance Tested certification in October 2018. The combination of AOAC certification and Empower software provides food processing plants further assurance with the effectiveness and efficiency of CERTUS’s in-house environmental monitoring process for Listeria spp.

A limited number of CERTUS Systems are now available. Food processors interested in learning how to integrate the CERTUS System and Empower monitoring software into their facilities can schedule a complimentary, in-person consultation by visiting certusfoodsafety.com/consultation.