Hollymatic has combined 4 sought-after feature/benefits and put them all into one Tenderizer Machine that provides customers with a real profit center. Their Tender-Rite Tenderizer offers power, safety, efficiency and a competitive price to add profits to grocery store and supermarket operations as well as small to medium-sized processing plants.

A ¾ HP motor has the power to process up to 1200 steaks per hour. The Tender-Rite’s hygienically superior design with all stainless steel housing and inlet improves food safety. Stronger tenderizing blade assemblies provide greater efficiency. With optional stir-fry slicing blades, butchers and processors can create stews and sliced portions. Hollymatic also offers a Deep Cut Tenderizing option with the machine. To top it off, Hollymatic has aggressively priced this Tenderizer to be an attractive addition to any meat operation. Compare today to see the difference.

For more information on the Tender-Rite Tenderizer, visit www.hollymatic.com