Brenton, a product brand of ProMach, showcases at Pack Expo, Sept. 23-25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, a new, multifaceted aftermarket program that reduces downtime and increases the flexibility of end-of-line machines – custom case packaging, palletizing, and robotic packaging systems. The aftermarket initiative includes tailored spare parts kits, audits, and video-based training. Brenton Booth #3025

Tailored spare parts kits
Brenton now offers two custom designed parts kits to reduce downtime from days or hours to minutes. Addressing two of the most common replacement areas on a machine, Brenton offers the Pneumatic Repair Kit and the Electric Cable Repair Kit. Both kits are assembled with efficiency in mind.  Displays of the Pneumatic Repair Kit and Electric Cable Repair Kit will be featured at the Brenton booth.

Following a customer’s request for an audit, a Brenton aftermarket representative will visit the facility for an equipment evaluation. No downtime will be required during the process. Within two weeks of the audit, the customer receives a service report covering the equipment’s operational status and opportunities for improving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Sample audit reports will be available at the Brenton Booth along with audit request forms. 

Video-based training
A new series of training videos is another piece of Brenton’s program. Prepared by PMMI certified trainers, the videos give customers greater flexibility in staff assignments on end-of-line Brenton machines. The videos are designed to quickly provide personnel not familiar with a machine with the basics of machine operation. The videos can also be used for refresher training. The training videos are a proactive response to today’s tight labor market and high rates of staff turnover. Pack Expo attendees are invited to view the videos and to speak with a Brenton aftermarket representative.

Improving the performance of older machines through retrofits
As another part of the aftermarket initiative, Brenton offers a retrofit program that features practical ways of improving the OEE of older machines. At Pack Expo, Brenton provides examples of how retrofitting older machines with new components cost effectively supports customers’ production expansion objectives. Brenton also shows how the retrofit program can be used in conjunction with the purchase of new machines to ensure peak production and reduce plant disruption while bringing on additional lines.

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