ITW Pro Brands is minimizing the risk of foreign object contamination in food processing operations with the introduction of LPS Brand DETEX Metal Detectable Scouring Pads. The innovative pads have a similar price point to scrubbing pads currently used in the industry but offer a level of unsurpassed protection. The metal detectable DETEX pads provide value by reducing the risk associated with lost pads which lead to condemned product, facility downtime, impacted customer deliveries, costly recalls and even diminished brand reputation.

“Foreign object contamination can generate extreme costs and can be crippling for a facility. This scouring pad is a natural extension to our current LPS Brand DETEX line, further enhancing our mission of reducing condemned, unusable product due to foreign object contamination,” said Bob Martin, R&D manager and product creator.

The LPS DETEX Scouring Pad is manufactured with a patent-pending blend of abrasives and resins that enable the pad to be both metal detectable and as durable as scrub pads currently used in food processing plants. The unique blue color also adds benefit by providing a contrasting color amongst most processed products.

“Our scour pad has been field tested with leading manufacturers, resulting in very positive feedback,” Martin said. “It performs as effectively as their current pad, but offers the added benefit of recall prevention insurance, providing undeniable value to an operation that’s hard to put a price on. A conservative cost estimate for a food recall can easily amount to $100,000 per incident.”

In addition to the Scouring Pad, the LPS Brand offers a full line of MRO chemicals within the DETEX line. All products feature metal or x-ray detectable components and NSF certifications when applicable. The offering was developed specifically for the food processing industry to mitigate costly recall expenses. In 2015, ITW Pro Brands was awarded United States Patent #8,980,982 for its innovative DETEX plastic components.

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