Under the bright lights of seafood’s biggest event, Ocean Beauty is debuting a star-studded lineup of premium seafood products for retail, foodservice and club stores at Seafood Expo North America held March 15-17 in Boston.

“Consumers want the unmatched taste experience and undeniable health benefits of seafood for appetizers, snacks and main courses,” said Ron Christianson, Vice President of Domestic Sales and Marketing at Ocean Beauty. “At Ocean Beauty, we excel at product development that combines high quality seafood with authentic preparation methods and innovative new ideas that will delight consumers. At this year’s Expo, our customers will be impressed by the variety of our lineup and dazzled by the bold flavors we’ve built into every product we offer.”

New products being showcased at SENA demonstrate that Ocean Beauty is pushing the boundaries of creativity in both recipes and flavor combinations. The company’s Echo Falls brand remains the industry leader in smoked salmon, and new products under the company’s signature Ocean Beauty brand continue to deliver pure raw materials in formats specifically designed for home cooks and chefs. Ocean Beauty’s new distribution partnership with Findus will bring premium European-style value-added seafood to U.S. consumers under the Captain Findus brand. 

Some of the many new products Ocean Beauty Seafoods will be featuring at SENA include:

Echo Falls Alaska Sockeye Salmon Tapas Slices

  • A completely new innovation: seafood that you can add to a charcuterie platter or cheese board
  • Whole muscle sockeye perfectly sliced round to inspire creativity with every appetizer.
  • Light applewood smoke with two flavor options: Original and Italian herb
  • 4-ounce pack for retail and 12-ounce, two-flavor pack for foodservice and club stores

Ocean Beauty Cedar Wrapped Wild Alaska Salmon

  • Premium wild salmon portions seasoned with three bold marinades
  • Wrapped in a thin sheet of cedar paper to add a touch of smoke when cooked
  • Flavors include: Maple Dijon, Citrus Dill and Smoky Grill
  • 2 servings per 10-ounce unit

Captain Findus Fish Sticks

  • Made by Findus, the leading European value-added finfish processor
  • European recipes for an exceptional dining experience.
  • English-style breading cooks up crispy when baked in the oven
  • MSC-certified premium once frozen pollock with Captain Findus’s signature breading available in traditional and gluten-free varieties
  • Industry leading high percentage of fish to breading ratio.
  • All-natural ingredients; no additives or preservatives
  • Available in retail and foodservice packs.

Captain Findus Battered Cod and Pollock

  • Made by Findus, leading European value-added finfish processor
  • Original Great Britain recipe for a premium dining experience
  • Wild-caught MSC-certified cod and pollock with a crunchy English-style breading & batter
  • All-natural ingredients; no additives or preservatives
  • Available in retail and foodservice packs.

“Ocean Beauty stands for authenticity and innovation,” said Christianson. “We’ve proved it again this year with products your customers will love.”

 Ocean Beauty can be found at Booth #1205 at Seafood Expo North America. Products will be on display and ready to be sampled.  

Source: Ocean Beauty