Orion, a product brand of ProMach, demonstrates the new S-Carriage pre-stretch system for the first time on the East Coast at Pack Expo East. The S-Carriage optimizes pallet-load stability for reduced damage during transit and minimizes stretch-film consumption to achieve lowest total cost of ownership. The S-Carriage becomes Orion’s new standard carriage and will roll out across all models by the end of 2020. Orion Pack Expo East Booth #1410, March 3-5, Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, Pa.

Orion's S-Carriage delivers 180 degrees of film to roller contact. This reduces slippage and neckdown for improved film coverage and yield. The S pattern of film travel over carriage rollers is ideal for all types of cling films, even one-sided films, as the sticky side remains against the load for improved holding power. The labor savings Orion Insta-Thread and Insta-Cut features reduce film handling for labor savings, improved throughput, and lowered risk of worker injury. The S design also allows Orion’s customers to take advantage of evolving film technologies, which are now capable of up to 600% pre-stretch, for even greater savings.

At Pack Expo East, the S-Carriage will be mounted on a Flex HPA (High Profile Automatic). Automatic units eliminate the need for operators to attach and cut the stretch film. Forklift operators simply place the pallet load on the machine and pull a lanyard switch while backing away. The unit performs the entire wrap cycle automatically without the need for an operator to tie the film tail to the load at the beginning of the cycle or detach it at the end. Automatic units increase the efficiency of stretch wrapping operations by freeing the operator to perform other tasks. Heavy duty steel construction is used throughout to give years of reliable service in even the harshest industrial environments. There is a five-year warranty on Orion Flex-series wrappers.

The Flex HPA features IntelleVue, a seven-inch color touch screen HMI/controls package for easy operation, faster trouble shooting, and better overall load protection. IntelleVue is recipe driven, ensuring the correct wrap pattern for every pallet configuration and rapid, trouble-free changeover. Orion’s RevoLogic capability delivers a precise count of each RPM. RevoLogic supports the accuracy of each wrap pattern, including the important number of top and bottom wraps. IntelleVue enables a diverse, multi-language workforce to optimize stretch wrapping performance during every shift.

Visit Orion’s website www.orionpackaging.com for information.