Donald H. Walton, who founded the business known today as Walton’s Inc., passed away on Sunday, June 28, 2020 at the age of 80 years old. In addition to his work in the meat industry, Walton was a well-known DJ and the frontman of a country music band.

According to his obituary:

“As a boy growing up, he always dreamed of and practiced being on the radio and singing country music. He got his first guitar in the early 50’s and with the help of a book and records he learned to play and sing. His dream came true in 1965 when he was hired as a salesman for KFDI-AM Radio in Wichita. Just a couple of months after he started at KFDI he started working “on the air” doing the Sunday morning shift. During that early time, he picked up the nickname of “Little Donnie Do-Dad”. At first, he disliked the name, but it was to stick with him for his over 20 year career at KFDI.

“He held many jobs at the radio station. As production manager he received several awards of excellence for radio commercials he wrote and produced. When KFDI began broadcasting 24 hours he was the first to do all the all-night show. He also was program director and the last ten years of his full-time career was the music director. He was nominated for “CMA DJ of the Year” five years in a row and was a top five finalist all five years. Don was proud of the fact that he was nominated and was not upset because he never won the top spot. He said, “I never was good at politicking.”

“He left KFDI to pursue other interests and founded Mid-Western Research & Supply, a meat processing equipment and supply business now known at Walton’s, Inc. With the help of his son Brett they turned it into a nationally recognized supply company. Don retired in 2009 turning the business over to his son. After his retirement from the business, he began performing at some of the area senior centers.”

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