In a marketplace that is decidedly different than it was at the beginning of 2020, food and beverage companies are relying more than ever on information and technology to ensure their products are safe to consume, made to the desired quality and produced in the most efficient way possible. Whether they are working with new customers due to reinvented supply chains or moving production lines faster to keep pace with demand from consumers preparing more meals at home, these core principals are more important than ever.

Even before the latest uncertainties and changes, there was increased demand for greater farm-to-fork traceability through advanced technologies. To provide manufacturers with the traceability they seek, Eagle Product Inspection has developed proprietary TraceServer software that records valuable production data and machine status information from one or more x-ray machines and consolidates it into a single, easy to interrogate SQL database.

Capturing and accessing data through this state-of-the-art software provides several benefits to food and beverage companies. Real time data from the production line facilitates the creation of alarms, which allow early intervention if an issue is detected. Consolidated data can be used to produce detailed reports, including histograms and charts, which provide total process transparency.

“Manufacturers can use TraceServer software to produce multiple reports with more information about events and trends to give greater visibility of what is actually happening in the production line. Utilizing that extra information, a food company can not only improve efficiencies but identify where contaminants are coming from, leading to appropriate interventions that prevent the same problems from happening in the future,” explains Mike Stuart, Meat and Poultry Segment Manager for Eagle Product Inspection.

Through TraceServer, which can be deployed around all Eagle x-ray inspection systems deployed in any type of food and beverage operation, users can export data for other programs to provide a more comprehensive data set for their products. The central management solution is scalable for short-term and long-term views, and can record data from one x-ray machine or connect up to 32 machines at once, depending on the size and scope of an operation. “This is particularly valuable in today’s volatile environment, when many manufacturers need to scale up or down in an agile way,” says Stuart.

Eagle TraceServer software can be installed on a standalone PC or on a network server to provide visible information and operation of Eagle’s robust x-ray systems.

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