Eckrich, the premium meat brand known for its quality products and great taste, introduces bold new packaging for the Deli collection, which will begin rolling out in stores nationwide this month.

Through both qualitative and quantitative market research, Eckrich successfully created a design that breathes new energy into the heritage brand with a modern, approachable look, all with its key consumer top of mind. The designs feature a white background and crisp imagery, displaying the product and information in an organized, eye-catching way. The imagery also showcases the product in a prepared fashion, allowing consumers to see easy ways to create an Eckrich meal at home. 

“We’re excited to refresh the graphics on our Deli portfolio,” stated Laura Koenes, brand manager for Eckrich at Smithfield Foods. “We hope to inspire consumers with new and different ways to use Deli meat in their everyday lives, while also better communicating the product benefits and the quality that they have come to know and trust from Eckrich.”

The new packaging will be used for Eckrich’s Deli items, including:

  • Eckrich Deli Poultry - Top-quality chicken and turkey that is cured, glazed, roasted and smoked for the perfect line of flavors.
  • Eckrich Deli Ham - The finest cuts of pork that are cured, roasted and smoked for a whole line of flavor profiles, from traditional sweet to hot and spicy styles.
  • Eckrich Bologna - Flavorful bologna deli meat is crafted with the finest quality meats for a unique bologna taste.
  • Eckrich Hard Salami - Crafted from high quality pork, beef, and our signature seasonings and then smoked.

Source: Eckrich/Smithfield Foods