The Cold Pressure Council (CPC) has announced that Greenpeople, a healthy products company with focus on the cold-pressed juice market, has officially joined as a General Member.

As a leading company in Brazil that utilizes High Pressure Processing (HPP) in the cold-pressed juice industry, Greenpeople is eager to increase awareness of the treatment process throughout their country.

“We are very pleased to be joining CPC. We want to strongly support the work they are doing to advance high pressure technology in all markets,” states Thomaz Falcão, business development & sustainability coordinator, Greenpeople.

“We are the first company in Brazil to join and we look forward to having other members follow us in affiliating with CPC,” says Vinicius Panisset, CEO of Greenpeople.

Greenpeople offers the public a wide range of high pressure processed fruit and vegetable juices as well as dehydrated fruit and vegetable snacks that include no added preservatives.

“We are very excited for this new addition to CPC’s membership and are looking forward to the opportunity to work with Greenpeople more in the future,” says Justin Segel, CPC Chairperson and CEO of American Pasteurization Company, L.L.C.  

Check out our Cold Pressure Council and HPC websites for more HPP information and resources. You can also learn more about Greenpeople and their products on their official company website.